It says I have reached my project limit? What do I do?

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It says I have reached my project limit? What do I do?

Postby Forum Admin » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:50 am

Under the Standard Plan, if you reach your project limit, you must archive a current project or add a new User (Billing Manager, Company Manager, Project Manager, Developer, or Reviewer) to the account.

To archive a project, login to your account, click on the Projects tab, select the project you want archived then click the Archive button in the menu.

To add a new User to your account, login to your account, access the Billing Info tab, click on the Change Plan link, and make changes to your current plan. You will then type in the number of additional User seats you would like added to your account. Now that you have added more user seats, you can then go to the People tab and invite specific members as Billing Managers, Company Managers, Project Managers, Developers, or Reviewers. Click the Invite link and fill in the fields. Contact Customer Service if you have questions regarding this process.

If you are on the Professional Plan, your number of projects is unlimited. If you receive this error, please contact us at support [at]

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