How can I create a table?

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How can I create a table?

Postby Forum Admin » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:08 am

There are several ways that one can create a table in ProtoShare.
  • You can create a table using the Rich Text editor. To do so, edit a page, add a Rich Text or Box component to the canvas, open the Rich Text editor, and click the table icon in the Rich Text Editor toolbar. Alternatively, you can click the HTML icon and create a table by typing in the HTML code.
  • If you are on the Professional plan or higher you can create a table by dragging the grid view component from the palette to the wireframe. This component allows for higher fidelity and functionality over a straight HTML table.
  • Finally, again on the Professional plan, you can use the HTML sandbox component and create any table you want using raw HTML in the source.

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