Is it possible to import HTML files? (Confluence)

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Is it possible to import HTML files? (Confluence)

Postby stephenrs » Wed May 13, 2015 11:58 pm

i'm in a trial of Confluence and Protoshare, and so far the combination looks like an excellent solution for my company. However, I was deep into creating a complex Protoshare wireframe/design when, evidently, the plugin encountered a bug which caused my design to get deleted when I tried to save my current work. I understand, bugs happen.

When I tried to save my current work, it took longer than usual, and then when I tried to view/edit the page I had just saved, my Protoshare design was gone - I see just an empty page (I guess the macro got deleted or something). I see that my work is saved in an external HTML file, which is pretty up to date, so I'm hoping I can import the HTML file into a new Protoshare design, and continue from where I left off (I only lost about 7 minutes of work, because I'm a "frequent saver").

If I have to to start over again to recreate the design, it would be enough to cause me to unfortunately reject Protoshare as an option for my company - I will have lost more than a full day of work. I've fallen in love with Protoshare, but it would simply carry too much risk if a day's work can become lost and unrecoverable so easily.

So, is there any way to import an existing Protoshare HTML export into a new design? there another way to recover my work?



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Re: Is it possible to import HTML files?

Postby Nick Jennings » Thu May 14, 2015 1:57 pm


We've sent you the steps on how to recover the data via a previous e-mail you sent us, but we wanted to place to steps in here incase any future users need them as well.

It is possible to retrieve the data, but it cannot be done directly as the HTML in the file cannot be placed directly onto a design since it is generated as a text component.

The workaround requires you to install ProtoShare for Google Drive, which is a free standalone version that is compatible with Confluence, and upload the file to your drive. You can then open the HTML file with the Google Drive plugin and you will be able to edit it as a normal design. It is then possible to copy and paste the components on the design between the two versions.

Here is a direct link to the plugin: ProtoShare for Google Drive. Once you have installed it and the file is in the drive, just right-click it and open it with ProtoShare.
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Re: Is it possible to import HTML files? (Confluence)

Postby stephenrs » Fri May 15, 2015 8:42 am


I received your email, thanks so much. This is great news...I ended up recreating the design anyway while I was waiting, using the HTML export as a reference, but it took much less time (and turned out better) than it did the first time, because I was more up to speed with the (awesome, intuitive) workflow.

Although, as I worked through recreating and extending the design, I couldn't shake the feeling of fear that I might lose my work again - it's nice to know that there's a way to recover if it does happen again.

I can't say enough good things about how impressed I am with Protoshare. No more "napkin sketches" or mockups drowning in annotation clutter.


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