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As a primary method of communicating design ideas

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 6:57 am
by gbosque
Since discovering Protoshare, I have been able to effectively communicate concepts and ideas more efficiently to our clients. I have heard great things about other applications, specifically Axure, however this is a desktop application that only runs on Windows platforms. We use Apple computers and have been creating PDF files that contain design concepts and documentation that gets posted into our Basecamp account for our client's review. The biggest draw back to this scenario (which we have been using for some time now, until Protoshare) is that the client then in turn downloads the PDF, adds their individual annotations and re-uploads or emails the file for our review. Basecamp allows discussion threads and has come in handy to communicate ideas to the whole team, however the actual concept (the visual part of it) is an attachment or a small JPEG thumbnail, so the discussion becomes somewhat removed.

Having a tool that allows you create click-through prototypes that can be annotated and discussed in a collaborative method (all in browser that is cross platform) is exactly what I have been searching for. We discovered Protoshare from one of our client projects, where they used it to communicate their initial concepts to us. Protoshare was somewhat discounted initially since from a reviewers perspective the interface can be somewhat intimidating at first glance, however with a little use you quickly come up to speed and realize the benefit. Once we discovered the power of the prototyping engine I was sold. Now I want to premiss this glorified disclosure with some trepidation - yes it can be clunky at times, yes it has its quirks, but like all applications it can be updated on a continual basis.

There are many things I wish I could do and hope to be able to do in the future, specifically I would love to have support for integrating with other online project management applications like Basecamp - at least from a reviewer perspective. Having to support multiple logins does diminish acceptance from time-to-time with some of our clients.

I definitely want to give credit to the folks at Protoshare for making such a robust web based application, congrats and thanks!