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Questions from a new user

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:01 pm
by nathan
Hi, I recently began using Protoshare. I have a couple questions about the tools.

1. When aligning a group of items to another item, e.g., its left edge, I notice all items in the group are aligned to the parent. Is there a way to prevent this behavior so that only the group boundary is aligned, not the items within it?

2. When putting a master component in a wireframe, I notice there is a bounding box that is not the same size as the master component, e.g., I create a master component "box" that is 500 x 500. In the master view the width and height is 500 x 500 (same as the dimensions). When I put the master component "box" in a wireframe, it has a width and height of 200 x 100, even though it is actually 500 x 500. Is there a setting so the width and height are the same as the master component's?

This is problematic as alignment is based not on the actual dimensions, but the reduced ones. The only fix I have found is to manually set the width and height to what they should be, i.e., 500 x 500. I tried to delete the width and height in the Inspector hoping it would auto-expand, and tried "auto" as well, but neither worked.


Re: Questions from a new user

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:47 am
by Nick Jennings
Hi there,

Thanks for using ProtoShare.

We just have a few questions to help us clarify what you are looking for.

1. When you say group of items, do you mean you are using the Group tool and grouping a number of components or are you selecting the components by rubberbanding?

Also, could you provide us an example of what you mean by parent? Is it the furthest component away from the group or the first component you select?

2. When you apply a master to a design, it basically acts like a container with clipped content turned off. You will still see all the content in the master on the design, just as if it was actually on the design itself, but only the master will appear as a component on the design.

This "master component" is set at a default 200x100, since content size in a master can vary, but it can be changed by either changing it to a specific value or by dragging the edges around the component to match your needs.

Another way you could go about this is to detach the Master on the design, which places the components onto the design, and align with all the components on the same canvas.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Re: Questions from a new user

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:19 pm
by nathan
Hi Nick,

Thank you for your reply. I apologize for the delay in my response.

1. I created a image to represent the alignment behavior. The 'expected result' is how Adobe Illustrator for example, alignments grouped items to other objects.

Regarding Illustrator, one of its most useful alignment features is being able to align objects to a 'key object'. After making a selection, you click an object you want to designate as a 'key'. When you click a control to align objects, all selected objects are aligned to the 'key object'. A similar feature would be very useful in Protoshare.

2. Knowing the dimensions of a master, which can be determined by selecting its contents and looking at the width and height, why not make the container size the same size as the master's dimensions? As is, it presents issues with alignment objects when the 'container' size is larger that the master's contents. For usability it would be nice to simply not have to resize the container to fit the bounds of the master's content when placing it in a page.


Re: Questions from a new user

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:51 am
by Josh Kristof

I would agree that if a collection of components is grouped, the components should be treated as a single component for alignment operations. I've entered this in our tracking system to be looked at for a future release.

Re: Questions from a new user

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:03 am
by nathan
Thank you Josh!