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Scroll image on iPhone

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:21 am
by citizenmeyer
I am using protoshare to prototype an iPhone app. I need to scroll an an image separate from top and bottom nav, so I need to scroll within an Iframe, smart image or HTML sandbox. Whatever I do, the image is scrollable within an html page, but the scrolling is lost on the iPhone. Do you know a work around for this?

Re: Scroll image on iPhone

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:45 pm
by ccavallucci
Without know the details of your problem or implementation, I'll suggest you try to apply a CSS style to the object so that it renders in a container that's bigger than the browser viewport. Are you comfortable with HTML and CSS?

Is the image larger than its container element? e.g 800px wide by 800px high