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What is the difference between ProtoShare user roles?

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:07 am
by Forum Admin
ProtoShare offers five different privilege levels for licensed users: Reviewer; Developer; and Project, Company, & Account Manager.
To share prototypes, or conduct usability testing, with non-licensed users (who can not collaborate or participate in the project, but can view a prototype without comments and annotations) use ‘Export to Web’, available in the ProtoShare Professional plan.

User limits are based on the number of users you have registered on your account. The roles are:

Reviewer -- Has access to only the collaboration-related features. User may interact with the prototype, read comments and annotations, as well as begin and participate in discussion topics. Reviewers cannot build or edit the wireframes.

Developer -- In addition to Reviewer capabilities, has access to project-related features only. The Developer’s primary responsibilities include creating pages and building wireframes and templates. Developers only see projects to which they have been invited.

Project Manager -- In addition to Developer capabilities, has access to all project-related features and some management features. A Project Manager can create a new project and archive, delete, and manage any project of which they are a member, but can only access projects that she either created or is invited to.

Company Manager -- In addition to Project Manager capabilities, has access to all ProtoShare features except those in billing management. A Company Manager can create, archive, delete, and manage any project. Also has access to all projects within an account.

Account Manager-- In addition to Company Manager capabilities, has access to all ProtoShare features and all projects. The person who signs up for the ProtoShare account is assigned the Account Manager role. Account Managers can create, archive, delete, and manage all projects. They can also set whether or not other users can access the billing details tab.

To add a new user to a project, login to your account, open the project, and click the Share tab on the left-hand side (where the Sitemap is). Click the Invite link and fill in the fields. To add a new User seat to your account, contact Customer Service for assistance.

To manage existing users, login to your account, click the People tab from the main account dashboard. Only Company and Account Managers have full access to the people tab.