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What are the differences between the User roles?

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:46 am
by Forum Admin
Has access to only the collaboration-related features. They may interact with the prototype, read comments and annotations, as well as begin their own discussion topics. Reviewers cannot build or edit the wireframes.

In addition to Reviewer capabilities, Developers have access to project-related features only. The Developer’s primary responsibilities include creating pages and building wireframes and templates. Developers only see projects to which they have been invited.

Project Manager
In addition to Developer capabilities, Project Managers have access to all project-related features and some management features. Project Managers can create a new project and archive, delete, and manage any project of which they are a member. Project Managers can only access projects that they have created or been invited to.

Company Manager
In addition to Project Manager capabilities, Company Managers have access to all ProtoShare features except those related to billing management. The Company Manager role is particularly useful for organizations in which the Billing Manager’s sole task is to manage the ProtoShare billing information. Company Managers can create, archive, delete, and manage any project. Company managers have access to all projects within an account.

Billing Manager
In addition to Company Manager capabilities, Billing Managers have access to all ProtoShare features and all projects. The person who signs up for the ProtoShare account is assigned the Billing Manager role. Billing Managers can create, archive, delete, and manage all projects and are the only person(s) who can access the Billing screen.