How do I create an image map?

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How do I create an image map?

Postby Forum Admin » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:12 am

There are several ways to create an image map in ProtoShare. One way is to slice the image using your favorite image editing tool, upload the slices into ProtoShare, and use an Image component for each slice to display the image and to create a link. The other way is to use the Hyperlink component to create the image map links. This method does not require that you slice the image. Instead, you can upload the entire image and use as many Hyperlink components as there are links in the image map.

To configure each Hyperlink component:
1. Drag the component over the appropriate area of the image, and resize to the required dimensions.
2. Click the Link to setting and specify the link target.
3. Configure the Border setting to No Border.
4. Configure the Background setting to No Background.

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