Where do I login to my account?

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Where do I login to my account?

Postby Forum Admin » Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:45 am

Because every ProtoShare account has its own unique domain name, you cannot login on ProtoShare.com. To login to your current account, you will need to visit your URL (http://myaccountname.protoshare.com) and login from there.

If you have never logged in to your site before, you should have received a "Welcome to ProtoShare" or "Please join my project" email with the information to complete your account registration. Completing this registration will allow you to access your account or project.

If you are the Account Creator and cannot locate this information, please contact our Customer Service Team (customerservice [at] protoshare.com). If you are a User or Reviewer on a company account, please contact your company representative to retrieve this information.

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