Creating a Common Library

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Creating a Common Library

Postby scott_77 » Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:25 am

I have been using protoshare with a stencil library as given ... n-library/, for creating a personal library of master or template files. We have multiple people that are going to start using protoshare. Our workflow at the moment revolves around how we create platform centric prototypes (everyone has there own project). We lack common design though, and reusing parts is a hassle because they aren't kept up to date, you have to manually change them in the project. When masters are being used on multiple pages in project, it also becomes a hassle to make sure all of them are updated. It is becoming very time consuming to make sure every project has the latest set of components.

I think it would be very useful to have a way instead of having a project, to have an actual Component Library that is automatically shared across all projects on a protoshare domain. Even if only one user can change / modify them at a time. Instead of having to constantly import the latest components from another template/stencil style project, you would have the latest version of the common components. And being able to maintain a common design would be much easier.

I don't need to navigate between projects, I just need to be able to have multiple people being able to work on their projects, and have consistency in their workflows. Being able to do this would be a major boost to the efficiency and effectiveness of prototyping.

Nick Jennings
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Re: Creating a Common Library

Postby Nick Jennings » Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:22 pm

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your feedback.

There are some plans to create a component library that is automatically shared between all projects, but it is not on the immediate roadmap. It is a little hard to go through your specific workflow without having some type of unification method since all objects would need to be automatically updated throughout all instances. The main issue is on how a common library would be handled. It may only be limited to one user at a time and any updates that user makes to a component would cause any previous work to be lost. It becomes really messy with you through in the ability to apply CSS styles onto components. We need to make sure that we clear all the hurdles before implementing a feature of this magnitude.

If the feature does get added into a future release, we will up date this thread.
Nick Jennings
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